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Date Subject
02/20/02 Second Harvest Launches Campaign to Feed Hungry
02/20/02 New Book Links Foodservice Industry to Obesity
02/17/02 Dr. Noel Cullen, CMC, AAC Dies
02/12/02 Julia Child Donates Kitchen to Smithsonian
01/24/02 Study Confirms Restaurant Workplaces Are Safer
09/19/01 New York Restaurant Employee Disaster Fund
11/08/00 Sixty-five cheese products involved in nationwide recall
11/08/00 USDA opens new market for U.S. avocados
11/06/00 Japan accepts U.S. testing plans for corn exports
11/03/00 FDA allows qualified health claim for omega-3 fatty acids
11/02/00 Mission Foods recalls tortillas, shells, tostadas, and chips
10/30/00 Irradiation approved for seed sprouts
10/30/00 Polydextrose approved for use in tablespreads
10/26/00 Results of the 2000 Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany
10/25/00 Corn earworms on the run?
10/25/00 Low acid orange juice introduced
10/20/00 Salmonella enterica in eggs
10/11/00 California rice growers face new criteria
10/10/00 Food additive market predict to reach $5 billion by 2006
10/03/00 Survey indicates more consumers consider soy healthy
9/21/00 Wild Oats Markets resumes selling swordfish
9/21/00 USDA claims HACCP reduces Salmonella in meat and poultry
9/19/00 Survey reveals many Americans are weight conscious
9/19/00 20 tons of franks recalled
9/14/00 Beef: Made in the U.S.A.?
9/12/00 FDA releases foodborne illness risk factors report
9/8/00 Better farming may mean safer food
9/1/00 Panel Affirms Benefits of Biotechnology
8/28/00 Salmonella contamination prompts paprika recall
8/28/00 FDA amends petition regulations
8/3/00 EU says Germany, Spain, Italy may have Mad Cow Disease
8/3/00 Opposition to USDA's Egg Irradiation Plan
8/2/00 Simplot to acquire Nestle processed potato business
8/2/00 USDA to Aid Sugar Growers
8/2/00 AMI Applauds Finding on Korean Beef Import Practices
8/1/00 Watermelon linked to E. Coli outbreak
8/1/00 Cukes and melons get crossed
8/1/00 Man Speared by Giant Swordfish
7/28/00 Food Technology Service to irradiate fresh shell eggs
7/26/00 Poison mushrooms kill 36 in Russia
7/25/00 Unique bacterium related to wine spoilage
7/25/00 Determining "fresh" in food labeling
7/25/00 USDA to stop stamping imported meat
7/24/00 USDA Removes Sheep
7/22/00 Seafood Council Responds to "Good Fish, Bad Fish" Debate
7/20/00 Guide released for National Food Safety Education Month
7/18/00 Mad cow disease rising in U.K.
7/18/00 Inspection models showing improvements in food safety
7/17/00 USDA to destroy three Vermont sheep flocks
7/14/00 Undercooked meat linked to toxoplasmosis in unborn children
7/14/00 The Problem with Sprouts
7/11/00 Arkansas meat and poultry distributor sentenced
7/11/00 FDA announced availability of egg safety papers
7/10/00 Heinz targeting kids with green ketchup
7/10/00 Kansas wheat quality showing decline
7/7/00 Minute Maid citrus punch recalled
7/7/00 Irradiated ground beef sells out
7/7/00 ARS creates new fat analysis procedure
7/7/00 USDA tells farmers to cut cranberry production
7/6/00 Senesco increases shelf life of tomato
7/6/00 AFGE wins lawsuit against USDA HACCP Models Project
6/30/00 FDA amends food additive regulations
6/29/00 Scientists map brain reaction to food
6/28/00 Dairy import guidance document available
6/28/00 Karlshamns expects growth from new regulations
6/22/00 Auditors want tighter sanitation enforcement
6/22/00 USDA announces steps to promote cleaner wheat exports
6/22/00 Meal Solutions More Than Food Service in Consumer's Eyes
5/30/00 USDA, HHS release updated dietary guidelines
5/30/00 USDA to require nutrition labeling on meat products
5/26/00 Judge Questions Government’s Ability to Safeguard Food
5/24/00 Coffee intake linked to occurrence of Parkinson disease
5/24/00 Consumers advised to wash cantaloupe
5/19/00 Cetylpyridinium chloride may prevent Salmonella
5/17/00 Meat industry petitions to amend HACCP regulations
5/15/00 Electronically pasteurized hamburger debuts in U.S.
5/15/00 Australian winemaker faces prosecution
5/12/00 Experimental bread provides six times more fiber
5/11/00 CSPI says inaction on raw oysters is dangerous to consumers
5/10/00 Common spices may protect bacteria during irradiation
5/8/00 Safety advocates call on industry to vaccinate food handlers
5/6/00 President Seeks Testing for Listeria Bug
5/6/00 Radio Address by the President to the Nation
3/8/00 Learn About Local Albacore
3/7/00 Biotech foods not 'organic' under new rules
3/6/00 Why is Handwashing Important?
3/3/00 ACFCCF Announces New Sponsorship Opportunity
2/22/00 Culinary Olympics in Erfurt
2/18/00 Richard Potter Wins at Hotel Olympia in London
1/28/00 False Report on Necrotizing Fasciitis Associated with Bananas
12/14/99 AMI Applauds Announcement of Final Rule on Irradiation
12/1/99 Team USA Takes First Place, Gold Medal
10/1/99 Health Panel Decries Attacks on Milk
8/30/99 Cryptosporidium Found in Oysters from Chesapeake Bay
8/23/99 AMI Launches Initiative to Eliminate E. Coli
8/9/99 Sprouts: Not A Healthy Food for Everyone?
7/1/99 Panel Disputes Charge that Bread Additive Poses Cancer Risk
6/1/99 Microbes, Not Chemicals- Major Source of Foodborne Illness
3/1/99 Alligator Farming-Conserving a Natural Resources
2/12/99 Panel Applauds New USDA Rules for Meat Irradiation
11/18/98 Panel Seeks to Calm Concerns About Well–Cooked Meats
8/17/98 Fishermen Voice Concern Over Charges of Overfishing
6/19/98 Panel Supports Irradiation as Aid to Export of Hawaiian Fruit
5/1/98 E. Coli–Linked Beef Recall Underlines Need for Irradiation
9/2/96 United States Brings Home the Gold!
9/1/96 Results of the 1996 Culinary Olympics

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