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Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung
2004 Culinary Olympics

The 2004 Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung, better known as the Culinary Olympics, will be held in Erfurt, Germany on October 17th through 20th, 2004. Creativity, innovation, and tradition meet under an international influence, a melting pot culinary intuition. This trend setting event highlights all aspects of the art of cooking in a competition of the best from around the globe.

More than one thousand cooks and confectioners from 33 countries compete for medals and the championship title at the Culinary Olympics. Altogether 115 national and regional teams and about 300 individual exhibitors demonstrate their efficiency with trend setting culinary displays.


Nations Restaurant


Cooking live in “glass“ kitchens, chefs produce artistic exhibitions in front of an enthusiastic audience and a team of  international judges. . The jury assesses technical skills, creative recipes, artful presentation and taste. The audience can experience the atmosphere of the competition live at the “Nation's Restaurant”.

Cold Platters Show


Imagination and perfection go hand in hand at the Cold Platters Show.
A wealth of overwhelming presentations greets the visitor on artfully arranged tables and invites guests to marvel and talk shop. National and regional teams, military teams, and numerous individual exhibitors compete in this discipline against each other. All night they work in the kitchens, arranging their presentations, plates with appetizers, main courses, desserts, chocolates, and cakes in the exhibition hall early in the morning.


Junior Teams


Highly motivated young cooks from all over the world compete at the National Youth Team's Competition.
Right in front of the audience, the young participants - all below 23 years of age - swirl through the “glass“ kitchen while preparing their competition meals which are served in the “Youth Restaurant“. Demanding task competitions follow in the afternoon.

Pastry Competitions


Sweet dreams come true at the Confectioner's Competition.
Following the great response to the first Confectioner's Competition at the 2000 Olympics, a meeting of the best teams is again planned for the IKA 2004. A steady hand and a sharp eye are necessary to create sweet works of art  in front of the audience at the cook's studios.


In a second competition, pastry chefs present their arrangements of cakes, pies, petit fours, desserts, chocolates and pulled sugar.

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